About Us!


Constantinos Kapetanos


Hello, my name is Constantinos and I am a fourth-year medical student at Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge.

I am very passionate about surgery as a career. I find Transplant surgery in particular to be an exciting field that incorporates a multitude of disciplines which align with my scientific and medical interests including genetics, immunology and regenerative medicine.


Outside of medicine, I generally spend my time playing tennis, listening to music and trying my luck in learning the basics of Spanish. For any queries, please contact me at kk634@cam.ac.uk

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Dimitris Asimakopoulos


Hello, I am Dimitris and I am a 4th-year medical student at Christ's College, Cambridge.

CUTS summarises my 3 passions in terms of medicine: Surgery, Biomedical Technology and Clinical Research. Through this society, we aim to explore the aforementioned 3 axes in an interdisciplinary fashion, as well as establish a platform for the exchange of knowledge, ideas and inspiration!

Outside medicine, my hobbies include playing chess and pool with friends. Do not hesitate to contact me at da464@cam.ac.uk, or another member of our team, for questions and guidance!


James Zhang


Hello, my name is James, I am a 4th year medical student. I have an interest in all types of surgical specialities, in particular orthopaedics and neurosurgery, having worked on a few research papers in those fields this past year. I will be organising various conferences this coming year. Last year for my intercalation degree, I did management studies at the Judge Business School. In my spare time, I enjoy playing American football. For the past 3 years , I have started at Center for the Cambridge University team. I also watch the NFL, I very much admire Quarterback Tom Brady. I am also a big fan of Star Wars. Please contact me at zz357@cam.ac.uk if you have any questions about any part of the society.

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Victor Lu


I'm a 4th year medical student at Christ's. I am interested in cardiology and a career as a surgeon. As treasurer, I hope to make the field of transplant surgery more accessible to all. Outside medicine, I am a classical pianist, and enjoy running, hiking, and all kinds of water sports.


Tjaša Zaletel


Hi, my name is Tjasa and I am a 4th year medical student from Peterhouse. Coming from a small country, I was surprised to learn Slovenia tops global heart transplant statistics with 11 per million population and is among top ten in organ donation in Europe. While the only visible mark after organ donation is the surgical incision, the entire donation process is founded on the principles of voluntary and unpaid donation, and must be carried out with respect, safeguarding the dignity of the donor and the family of the deceased. I think it is important for everyone to acknowledge the complexity of transplantation and I hope to achieve this as part of CUTS committee.

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Chris Lai

Events' Officer

Hey guys, I’m Chris and I'm a 5th year clinical student. I’m very much interested in transplant immunology, haematology and medical education, and hope to organise a variety of events and resources that appeal to both the keen-bean future transplant surgeons, and those who just want the brass tacks of immunology and transplant surgery for finals and foundation years.

Hobbies include: tennis, nerding out over coffee, coming up with ever more creative excuses to leave the ward round early.
Proudest achievement: has to be winning the Sherwood Games FIFA tourney.


Neophytos Christodoulou

Conference Lead

Hello, my name is Neophytos and I am a 4th year medical student at Christ’s College, Cambridge. I am interested in surgery as I believe it is a really promising career choice that can make a huge difference in people’s lives by combining both medical knowledge and manual dexterity. Outside medicine, I like going to the gym, doing muay thai, and skiing when the weather permits.

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Esmee Dohle

Events' Officer

Hi! I’m Esmee, a 4th year medical student from Sidney Sussex. I’ve organised events for loads of societies and I’m really keen on having some fun and interesting events about transplant surgery this year! I’m originally from Amsterdam, and in my spare time I like to cook, paint and run after dogs 😊


Lana Zhang

Social Media Manager

My name is Jingyao Zhang. I'm a fifth (turning sixth) year medical student from Singapore. I was at a liver transplant last year and it was the coolest surgery I'd ever seen! I love books, art, coffee, and old-fashioned things.